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Yi Cafe

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Yi Cafe serves international delicious buffet breakfast and fresh seafood buffet lunch and dinner for all the checked-in guests.

The cafe house, located on the ground floor with more than 410㎡, has 128 seats and one detached room for 16 guests dining or meeting, an alternative for private space.

The high-grade buffets are five-star grade, including the three meals in a full day, also valid for team meeting guests, offering group packaging service.

Yi Cafe is full-day service oriented starting from the breakfast, fully open to all guests, offering personalized small orders of top-grade western-style food, and the guests may enjoying their orders there in the cafe, like the featured battleaxe beefsteak, and the extra-size piazza.

Yi Cafe can deliver the meals of the checked-in guests to their rooms all day long, daytime or nighttime, and fresh fruits to the newly checked-ins.

Should you have any questions and requests regarding to Yi Café , please feel free to submit as below. We will get back to you soon.