Meetings & Events

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Tylfull Banguet Hall

Tylfull Banguet Hall is both for conferences and banquets, located on the third floor with 600? for 528 guests, equipped with the most advanced acoustics, sound and video devices, PPPoe Wi-Fi, wireless microphones, high luman output projectors and professional service for meetings and wedding planning and banquets of butler-like style. What?s more, the hall has detached rooms for board meetings, honored-guests lounges and 4 multifunctional halls of different size, gratifying the demands of various business in meeting places and services.Tylfull Banguet Hall is column-free and can be flexibly divided into two identical smaller halls with movable spacers with multi-functions for meetings and banquets and more. In the front of the Tylfull hall gate, there is a lobby of 350?, facilitating the get-together of guests before the meetings or banquets, or the half-time interval or the dismiss of the guests after activities.

Multi-function Meeting Room Hall

The hotel has a board meeting room, VIP lounge and several areas ranging from the multi-function hall, ranging from 42 to 200 square flat. Can provide site services according to various business needs.